Category: Twins

  • Today to Santa Fe

    Today I am leaving for Santa Fe for a week, so I’m posting some of my favorite photos of my little loves from yesterday. First up, Henry and Eleanor got some new t-shirts from Old Navy. They were extremely excited to see each other because Henry is wearing Grover, who is Eleanor’s favorite, and Eleanor […]

  • Parenting

    Parenting is going to utterly crush you. It’s going to distill you into the very essence of who you are, at which point – when you haven’t slept in what feels like 8 weeks, and can’t remember what you last ate or when and you may not have showered since you left the hospital – […]

  • Typical Wednesday

    Someone got an (unfortunate) trim, courtesy of someone who shall go unnamed (but who is also me). It’s lovely to see his little face! Someone else is practicing the opening monologue from Richard III. (I think?)

  • Henry gets a rocking chair

    Henry really likes to rock. So my dad made him a rocking chair.

  • This one really cute thing

    So I was lying on the floor in the kitchen, as parents of toddlers are wont to do, and Henry came up and sat down beside me. He touched his finger to my nose and giggled. That made me laugh, so we got caught in a temporary loop of doing that. He’s trying out this […]

  • The skies are friendly!

    I’m pleased to report that the skies are, indeed, friendly. On both our flights yesterday, Bob and I were seated across the aisle from each other. He had Eleanor as a lap child and I ministered to Henry in his car seat. The seat next to Bob was empty both flights. On the first flight, […]

  • The friendly skies. Well, the skies, anyway.

    I’ve been flying for a very long time. My first passport was issued when I was 9 months old. I’ve flown in the now non-existent Business Class and I’ve flown in back “with the pigs and the chickens,” as my parents fondly call it (they fly economy, too). Side note: Business Class really is way, […]

  • A year

    One year ago today, Henry and Eleanor were born. Before they were born, they were Baby A and Baby B, and once they were born they became Baby Boy Ring and Baby Girl Ring. We couldn’t believe it when, three days later, the hospital sent us home with them. By ourselves! We needed help strapping […]

  • Lunching with twins

    I go visit the Ringlets at lunch. Today, a story about Henry. He is kind of obsessed about getting into stuff. Here’s a recent photo of him in the toy box at my parents. So today at lunch, he had found another box to get into. And, quite typically, Eleanor caught sight, and decided to […]

  • Trust

    Early one morning last week, I was lying on my side when something woke me a little. I opened an eye and saw Eleanor; she was sleeping between us, and just stirring. I went back to sleep. Sometime later, I felt something lightly thud on my shoulder and chest. A little giggle. Then it went […]