Category: Twins

  • Beat that, Life

    Last night I was putting Eleanor to sleep. She was sleepy but not quite ready to go to sleep. This is a big distinction for a baby. We had spent a lot of time together over the weekend, just the babies and I, so we were flush with bonding time. As she started to get […]

  • Good mornings

    Hanging out in jammies waiting for the day to start. My life. I love it.

  • Rocking

    My parents have a rocking horse that my dad made for my oldest sister in the late 70s. They have a photo of her as an infant on the rocking horse, and various photos of my other sister and I on it. Beginning with my oldest sister’s children, my parents have made a point to […]

  • The babies: Previous quarterly reports

    The babies have several quarterly reports already. Here are the previous editions. 1Q 2012 1Q2012 2Q 2012 2Q2012 2Q2012-supp Enjoy!

  • The Babies: 9 months old

    The babies are 9 months old today, and therefore have a new quarterly report. (click the link below for PDF). 3Q2012

  • Twins’ Baptism

    This past week the twins got baptized. This kind of thing happened a lot: We were waiting for the altar boy to warm the water that was going to get poured on the twins’ heads. There was actually a little bit of a delay, because first the water was too cold, and then – predictably […]

  • Mornings

    Sometimes, mornings are the best.

  • My beautiful babies

    Let me tell you about my babies. Henry was baby A. He was born at 4:03 PM on a Tuesday in November. He was not prepared for the cold, bright world and squalled tremendously when he was born. He is my sensitive little boy. He gets startled easily and will cry more readily, but he […]

  • I see you

    When the twins were first home, we were given a talking dog toy. The dog was bigger than the babies put together, and was really meant for larger infants. It was cartoony, with big words printed on its ears, stomach, paws, etc. The premise is that the dog is interactive and helps babies learn nursery […]

  • Growing up happy

    I can’t imagine any parent is any different, but I like to believe my little angels are growing up happy. Observe: These are not rare smiles – they are almost always smiling. They are teething just at the moment, so they’re crankier than is normal, but even now they smile and giggle a lot every […]