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  • Heisenberg uncertainty principle for babies

    The Heisenberg uncertainty principle for babies states that you can either take a picture of your baby doing something cute now, or see what cute thing the baby is going to do next, but not both. I suppose if we’re going to be technical and correct, the principle would have to apply only to physical […]

  • My little guy

    Henry took his first major spill today. He tumbled out of my mom’s arms (from a pretty low height) and bruised his face. He was having a helluva morning. I took him to the doctor to make sure he was ok. He seemed fine, just upset. He kept stroking his fingers under his eye and […]

  • Just like twins!

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but the only thing that is “just like” twins is twins. The closest legitimate thing I can think of that compares is the case of one of the other mamas in my online multiples community; she adopted her daughter and shortly thereafter gave birth (within a […]

  • The New Wizard of Oz

    I started reading The Wizard of Oz to the babies last night. The original one. Here’s the Wikipedia page on it: The book we have is one of a series, all of which my mom has. They’re all hard cover; all illustrated. All lovely. The inside page says copyright 1899, copyright 1900, copyright 1903. […]

  • Each morning

    Every morning when I get to work, before I do anything – before I take off my jacket, before I put my purse down, before I am even in the door of the building – I miss my children.

  • A matter of five months

    So much can happen in five months. Although I viscerally knew the twins were itty bitty when they came home from the hospital, I was just scrolling through some of their early photos and find myself shocked at how small they were. Compare; their first day home from the hospital: After a few weeks at […]