Saturday photo journal

Saturday started with a glorious lunch and very nearly ended in a riot. Lunch at Sushi Nakazawa is a different post, so I didn’t include those photos here.

Since we were in the area, we walked by the Friends apartment.
Admiring the Friends building.
Merchant marine memorial, which is eerie.
Outside Battery Park.
We biked a little more than five miles from Battery Park to Hell’s Kitchen on this lovely bike path.
World Trade Center memorial.

Enjoying a rest at City Beer, where Bob is convinced Leonardo DiCaprio was serving.

DJ Pizza for a quick dinner, after sunning on our rooftop for a few hours.

We took a cruise around the end of Manhattan and by the Statue of Liberty.

There was lightning flickering all night, and this shot caught some, turning one frame of the long exposure much lighter.

When we were preparing to dock, it began bucketing down and everyone was herded inside. It got sweltering hot, and everyone was annoyed. It quickly got ugly, and when our side wasn’t let off the ship fast enough, people began getting stirred up and making verbal threats. Those people were hustled away very quickly. Eventually we were able to get off the boat, and by luck it had stopped raining. We got home around 1am, with a 6am wake-up. Ah, to be young again!

Friday photo journal

Today was a day full of culture. I thought that I slept until noon, but it was actually 9 am. We went to the Met, then wandered the West village, then went to The Book of Mormon. Then had 0.99$ pizza slices and wandered home.

Brekkies at Scotty’s Diner.
The Met!
Van Gogh’s roses.
You really get a sense of motion when you stand in front of these.
Bob insisted we go into the Abstract wing, and we were both thrilled to find the Rothkos.
This one was my favorite.
There was a music exhibit, with instruments, including Ringo Starr’s kit.
I insisted we take another selfie outside, for some reason.
Central Park love faces.
Spicy Margarita (Bob) and the Jagger (me).
The Extra Virgin bar.
Sant Amboeus.
A handsome couple.

Greenwich Village crossing.
Bob so annoyed at the sheer volume of photos I intended to take here.
I couldn’t wait, in times square. This was before a horse ate my dress.
Damn! Lights!
This boy ate my shoulder, his blonde bastard brother ate my dress (I love them both).
Eugene O’Neill Theatre, row A.
Book of Mormon.
It gets super disco gay, which is appropriate since we went to the Camp exhibit earlier.
Bryant Park / NY Public Library.
A handsome man at the park at night.

Library way, on the way home.