He Him His

There are few consistently annoying things as being referred to by the wrong gender. It can be done out of maliciousness, aggressiveness, or laziness (or all three). It doesn’t happen to straight men routinely, daily, so for many of them, they just won’t have the frame of reference. But for almost everyone else, it’s almost humdrum to…

Basket case

Six and a half, and still squeezing into the same laundry basket to play.


I got to spend some time with my special guy yesterday.

Beary good cubs

We started our day at the Y, playing. At first, we were the only ones there, but then a few more families came. When there were 9 kids, something magical happened – all the kids worked together to build a tower of blocks. They didn’t discuss it, they just started doing it. Even Grant saw…

Sweet boy

Grant may be my sweet summer child, but Henry is actually my sweet boy.

Less and less and less

A little while back, I asked my friend Ricky if he would design me a poster based on this poem. And he did! It’s kind of a rotten move to ask a professional to do something for free (Ricky is a designer by trade), but I took the risk since we’re pals. I knew exactly…

Big loves

My two big kids were very excited to present me with some Mother’s Day materials yesterday. The first two are from Henry, who took several years off my life. And I do have to tell him to eat all his dinner a lot. Next, we have Eleanor. The photo/collage picture made me laugh. It’s so…


The past 8 or so weeks the twins have been playing indoor soccer at the Y. Fortunately for my sanity – but unfortunately for their team – they were both on the same team, the Reds. I say unfortunately, because they both take after me in their grace and athleticism on the pitch. When one…


I don’t know how a 22-month old can seem so much like someone you want to hang out with, but here we are.