A few months ago a bee broke into the house and visited me while I was working. I was absolutely thrilled and took a bunch of photos. This week I made this drawing from one of the photos, and I feel pretty good about it.

Bob at 41

So Bob isn’t quite 41 yet, but he is very close. In honor of his upcoming birthday, I took him on an overnight trip last weekend to Hammondsport, NY, to celebrate him. I was able to steal him away thanks to some amazing coordination from my neighbor Sara and my sister-in-law Jen. Jen even made the kids clean the house while we were gone!

I took Bob to his favorite winery, Dr. Frank’s, for a food and wine experience. This was fancy, and it felt really special. We tasted a mystery wine, guessed what it was (we were wrong!), had a tour, tasted wine out of the barrel, tasted wine and ate grapes in the vineyard, and returned to the 1886 house for a small tasting menu and more wine tasting.

The Finger Lakes are pretty.

After the winery, we went to our new property and chatted with the neighbor awhile, who seems very nice. We walked around the field together and talked about the future.

Our land!

Later, we visited a nearby brewery that Bob has been wanting to try, Broken Dreams Brewery.

Brewery of Broken Dreams

We checked into our hotel (the Park Inn, very lovely) and got settled in, before making our way to dinner downstairs.

Dinner at the Inn

In the morning, we had breakfast at the Crooked Lake Ice Cream parlor (which also serves coffee and breakfast), and walked down to Keuka Lake. It was so great to spend time just with Bob and to treat him for his special day!

Your guide to becoming a Happiness Engineer

My team is hiring great Happiness Engineers everyday, and we are thrilled to have this resource now to share with folks who are very close to being great candidates!

Happiness Everywhere

Welcome to the Happiness Engineer blog! Chances are you’re here for a specific reason… you’re interested in joining us as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

This post was written by a group of Happiness Engineers on a team called Sparta. We were really inspired by this post our brilliant colleague Sandy made four years ago on how to become a Happiness Engineer. Since our team comes from varied backgrounds and experiences, we thought we’d share our favorite tips and updated resources that helped us prepare for applying for the Happiness Engineer position here at Automattic.

Here on Sparta, we have team members who come from backgrounds in the restaurant industry, education, stay-at-home parenting, trauma therapy, marketing, and more. We’re living proof that Happiness Engineers can (and do!) come from all sorts of backgrounds.

“Just apply!” you may hear. Well, not quite. We would love to have you join us!…

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El Cap

In an effort to stop getting in my own way so much, I’m going to try to crank out little drawings more frequently.

I made a background and after it dried I thought maybe the copper could ape the color of El Capitan at sunset.

As the sketch came together (mistakes and all) it actually looked more like fire sky than sunset, particularly with the black ink in the background. So surprises all around.