My hair, it’s curly

All my life I’ve had straight hair. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to people who’ve met me at least once. Long hair, short hair, medium hair – it’s always been straight. Until about a month ago. It started getting curly. Here’s a little collage of my hair from about two months ago (the most recent photo I have with my hair not in a pony) and last week.

20170713_195240-COLLAGE (1).jpg

The hair on the left is not straightened, and the hair on the right is not curled.

As far as I can tell, this isn’t really standard hair behavior. I mean, I’ve always¬†wanted¬†curly hair, sure. It’s more work, and I’ve had to learn how to take care of it, but I am enjoying it.

But… why?

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is hormones. I did a little research, and went to the doctor. The first thing she said is that it’s likely hormones. She did a pregnancy test (we had a good laugh), a complete blood panel, a metobolic panel, and a thyroid test. Everything came back within the standards (and not pregnant). I know I’m not going through menopause or anything like that (or puberty, for that matter). We ran a Google search for whether weaning Grant could have prompted it (doesn’t seem to be the case, although you can expect a surge of prolactin after weaning), and it doesn’t seem likely that pregnancy hormones would have such a delayed effect (which was my original assumption).

One of my close friends, who I can whine to, suggested following up and asking about autoimmune disorders and going to and endocrinologist specifically, since the normal range may not be normal for any one individual. I do know I have autoimmune progesterone disease, which isn’t well known at all, so I suppose it’s possible that this is somehow related.

I’m a little frustrated, because I thought for certain that the thyroid panel will provide definite answers, but I also feel I have additional avenues to explore. We will see what the future holds!

Moby Dick

Grant is having about as much luck as I did with it. In the last picture he has carried it off to throw into the hall.

Grant’s 12 month appointment

Grant had his 12 month well-baby appointment this morning. He is doing well! He’s gotten wonderfully fat. The PA said that because he jumped so much in weight (from the 10th percentile to the 91st percentile), they’ll watch his growth closely over the next few visits, but she was also quick to mention that his height is also increasing (from the 5th percentile to the 49th percentile) so it’s quite possible he’s just gearing his body up for a growth spurt. His large, perfectly spherical head is in the 96th percentile. He weighs 24.14 lbs and is 30 inches long. He also got 3 shots, got a finger stick, and got his teeth brushed so he went from a lot of investigation and giggles in the exam room to deep disappointment in everyone and everything. And no cookies to steal, either.




Yesterday Grant slipped on a stair and got scared. Bob was with him, and he scooped him up because Grant was crying, and then I took over to cuddle my littlest guy. Grant was wailing and burying his face in my shoulder, and Bob hovered nearby talking with me and eating a cookie. Grant raised his head, tears fresh on his cheeks, leaned over, grabbed a handful of Bob’s cookie, stuffed it in his mouth, and glared at us while munching. Then he cuddled again and all was right with the world. So it’s true, you do live on through your children. 

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