Revelry Reverie

what am I looking at here?

Having lunch

Getting lunch before storming the castille. 

Grant’s new clothes

Auntie Nora T sent our littlest Ring the cutest outfit! We just love it 😍


Earlier this week, the nanny couldn’t come to work, so I “stayed home” with the kids. I still had a call I needed to participate in, because it the thing we were working on was due the next day to the rest of the team. Henry has a long history of joining in on my video calls. Sometimes he just sits nearby so he can see everyone, sometimes he sits in my lap so he can wave to everyone, and sometimes he wants to hear what they’re saying (I usually wear headphones). The other day, he asked for my headphones, and proceeded to have an in-depth conversation with Josh about Minecraft, while my other co-worker, Dan tried to continue working on our project.

This is so much about why my job is so important to me. It means a lot that my co-workers indulge my babies and don’t see them as distractions, but as valuable FUTURE BLOGGERS 😉 Did I mention that we’re hiring?

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 12.36.33 PM.png

Winter Spring Day and an Uh Oh

Yesterday we were able to play outside. It was in the 50s but still with snow on the ground. The kids rode their bikes, chalked the driveway, and we watched our neighbors build a pretty terrific snowman.


The past few days, in the evening, we pile into the office that Bob and I share (when he works from home) and get out old printouts, and draw on the backs of them. This is my favorite that Eleanor has drawn:


It’s a cat and a snake. I don’t know who is more in trouble here, but I think it’s the cat.

There is a whole series of these really lovely drawings that are just strange and exploratory and very interesting. I’ll take some more photos and post them up. I love them.


The stars shine in his eyes.


“Show me your smartest look.”


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