I’ve got a little hobby – geometric origami. I’m not interested in folding swans and frogs and whatnot. But I am interested in folding geometric shapes. Here’s a multifaceted one, made from 12 pieces of paper.

Facebook Community Boost

Facebook has an event that goes from city to city, helping small businesses learn to be digital. The original series just taught them about Facebook, but now they wanted to expand, so they have partners who help teach about more than social media. This one is being held in Buffalo, at an Erie Community College building. We were there to talk about having a digital presence (a site), and e-commerce (WooCommerce). My colleague Marjorie gave two talks today (and two talks everyday), while my other colleague Chrissie and I staffed the booth. All three of us did 1:1 sessions with folks who wanted to sit down with one of us for 30 minutes to pick our brains. Today was the first day, and the event runs through Wednesday. Mayor Brown gave a speech, and some people from Empire State Development were also there. It was gratifying to hear how far Buffalo has come recently, and how needed an event like this is. And it’s free to participants, which is practically unheard of. It’s a very, very well-done event. Everything was turned out nicely, and participants were made to feel like they could choose their own path. When I missed lunch because I was helping people, the staff ran to the kitchen and had a lunch made for me (vegetarian, of course). It was a very inspiring day, and I’m exhausted and excited for tomorrow!


Last night I took the twins to an outdoor screening of The Last Jedi. The event was scheduled to start at 8, but the movie didn’t begin until about 20 past 9. We left after about half an hour (because it was just so late for them), but it was a fun experience, and one I’d do again.