Mr. Henry

Henry dubbed this look “Mr. Henry” and I’m sure we can all agree it is very intimidating and not at all “boy band circa 1997.”

Blogging streak

I’ve got a post for every day of the past year, plus some. For the most part, those have been individually posted every single day (whew), but I actually missed a handful of days – usually right after some travel. I think I missed 4. In those cases, I created a post and back-dated it to be on the “right” day.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.41.12 PM.png
I’ve alway thought it would be neat to try to spell something using the color blocks. That’s clearly a project for someone else, however.

Which, yes, I get that that is cheating. I’m ok with that!

My app doesn’t agree, and currently think I’m on day 40, however (well, this post will be day 41).


You may be thinking to yourself … wait, what is this “streak” notification? It’s a feature we’re testing and is right now only available to Automatticians. Fortunately, you can see the Insights graphic on that tab of your stats, which shows you a better visual, anyway!

The other day when I posted, I got the following notification – I’ve reached a leet amount of posts. That is a lot of posts. But again, it’s sort of cheating. I imported my old blog into Revelry Reverie, so while all the posts are my posts, they’re not all original to this blog. Ah well.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 12.49.17 PM.png

I primarily post through the mobile app (I use Android, and I’m on the alpha version of the app), and over the course of the past year, it has gotten increasingly smooth. Every few months we are far ahead of where we were previously, and I appreciate it more and more with each passing post. I mean day! With each passing day. When I think about how I’ve been easily able to streamline my blogs, I’m really proud of what is capable of, and what features are available for people who want to be present online either continually or only once in awhile. The less friction, the easier it is to post. The less learning curve, the easier to leave it and come back after a break. And it’s also important to me to have all my content at home in one place. It goes to Twitter and Facebook, but I don’t have to worry about my content being in a bunch of separate places.

Here’s to the next year’s worth of posts.

New cards

Henry designed his own deck of cards to play go fish with. I cut out the cards for him, and he decided the numbers. The numbers are:

00 (hundred – different from one hundred, mom)











❤ (You have to give the other person the heart when asked AND you switch your hands with them)


Grant got a new outfit from my favorite cousin, Kathleen, and he also took a photo of me (albeit accidentally). I like to think that’s how he sees everything. 

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