I was asking him to do math in his head, and he got every question right.


Every single day he stops at the water fountain, because he sees big kids using it. He definitely does not know how to make the water flow, so he gets up there everyday with a great deal of hope, and very little success.

Two birds

The kids got in some art time at Old Navy today.

Chamber Clambake

Today we went to the chamber clambake. It was the 50th anniversary of the first clambake, and we learned a little history. It’s been held in 7 locations, including Lincoln Park, the John Ash Community Center, and Good Times of Olean. Today was held at the Sullivan Street roundabout, which meant it was in the…


Last week Bob and I visited Cooperstown, as part of our trip to see Nate Rate (this is what Bob would have me believe Nathaniel Rateliff’s friends call him). We spent the morning in town, before heading home again. Here are some photos:

I’m on a boat!

Yesterday we all went up to Bob’s uncle’s place on Cuba Lake. We had a fun visit, and went on a boat ride (everyone – including the twins – went on a fast boat ride before we got there with Grant, but we went out on the pontoon later on). Enjoy the video, very true…


Grant spent time at the St Mary’s fest yesterday cruising around, playing some basketball, and also quietly observing while eating fries. He also fed me a bunch of fries, for which I am truly grateful.