I’m in Whistler, BC, and my baby is in Olean, NY, but I still got to see him smile and clap today. Ain’t technology grand?

Sale today

Yesterday Eleanor decided to open a shop on the deck. She made a “sale today” sign, and gathered things to “sell.” I was able to buy a finger puppet for “one dollar,” a stick for a dollar, and my own sunglasses for $4. Henry was at the counter after me and I heard Ele quote him $80 for a pebble, then $1,000 for sidewalk chalk. (we made the money to pay her out of construction paper.) 


I went to llamafest with my sister-in-law yesterday, and let me tell you about Paxton. I’m sure his real name is Bill Paxton, and he is living in fury that Lucky got to wear the Chewbacca costume, and he doesn’t care who knows it. 

Lucky best watch his impossibly fluffy back. Paxton is here and Paxton is petty.


This isn’t even peak sass. This level of sass is self-sustaining; it feeds on itself without needing any outside influence. 

Peas and carrots

These two are best pals. Sure, I gave one life and am the light of the other’s eye, but they both forget who I am the second the other is around. 


A certain young lady came home from school today and said she had a crush on a boy at “the yellow table.” I asked her what a crush was and she said it’s when you have a big love for someone you know. Then she told us that the boy is actually her boyfriend (defined as: someone you are going to marry but don’t live with.) 



I went into my parents’ basement to power cycle the modem and router today, and I got a little distracted. First, the basement is my dad’s shop, and as a woodworker of the highest caliber (he has been featured in Woodcraft magazine multiple times), he keeps a pretty interesting operation. I have many favorites (all pictures), but today I noticed on his bookcase a diary from 1981, which I had to check out. 

I’m the new baby! The rest of the diary was filled with notes about my and mom’s various doc appointments (and also the overwhelming majority was work stuff), but it’s neat to see that there was vacation planning stuff in there too. It isn’t that dissimilar to the notebooks I keep on my desk for work. 

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