Buffalo Bills

I went to a Buffalo Bills game yesterday (vs the Dolphins) with my sister-in-law, Jen, and we had a blast! We arrived early to tailgate with Jen’s friends and it was so much fun. They have a cute little VW bus that is all decked out in true Bills Mafia style. They were a friendly bunch, and it was fun to be part of that community for a little bit. Here are the highlights:

Jen and Jenny in the Bills bus. This thing was so cute!
We met Steve Christie (everyone loved Jenny’s Bills Bus, including former Bills).
The tailgate crew! This was actually in the Buffalo News: https://buffalonews.com/2019/10/20/gallery12865/#image=14
Jen and I being adorable. We agreed on this point.
Look at how cute! The carpet!
That is an actual photo of Josh Allen. He’s that size.
Before people started whipping beer cans around. Also, a LOT of popcorn got thrown when they won. Like, more than you’re thinking.
We were very pleased with ourselves.

Happy birthday Bob!

Today is Bob’s birthday! We’ve had such a great year, including trips to Hawaii, Wasaga Beach, NYC, Charlotte, going to see Hamilton and The Book of Mormon, and spending time watch the kids grow up. This is the year that Bob got season tickets to the Bills (oh buddy), that Grant got his hair cut (oh buddy!), and that the twins grew emotionally in leaps and bounds. Bob started teaching Eleanor to ski, and Grant to ice skate. It’s been a big year for Rings everywhere, but an especially great year for my honey. I look forward to the next year (and the one after, and the one after, and the one after…).

Happy 39!

Like father like son – in Charlotte.
Like grandfather, like father, like grandson – in Charlotte.
Skiing at Holiday Valley – in Ellicottville, NY.
What an attractive couple. Someone buy them a latte.
Hey there sports fans! By the way, that is Eleanor’s leg, not Bob’s arm in the logo. At New Era Field, Buffalo, NY.
Bob with his beautiful sisters in their annual Siblings Photo – in Olean, NY.
Bob with his favorite Rothko – at the Met, NY, NY.
Together in Times Square – Times Square, NY, NY.
The Book of Mormon! – at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, NY, NY.
Near Battery Park, NY, NY.
In Collingwood, trying to get all the kids to look at the same time – in Collingwood, ON, CA.
This looks very heartwarming – and it is – but she was actually just hit by a rock (Grant), and needed a cuddle. In Collingwood, ON, CA.
Wasaga Beach, ON, CA.
The opening of the Farmer’s Market, that both these Bob Rings worked very hard on! In Olean, NY.
The bond these two have is deep and wide. In Olean, NY.
Hitting up some wineries! Billsboro Winery, Geneva, NY.
Teaching a little beastie to skate. At the William O Smith Rec Center, Olean, NY.
Getting lunch together at On the Side, Olean, NY.
Joint birthday celebration with his sister – in Olean, NY.
One more skating pic ♥️ – in Olean, NY.