Henry (and Eleanor, not pictured) made some easter eggs for a project the other night. Henry was really pleased with how his turned out, so he wanted a photo taken of it, and to have me text it to Bob, who was across the room and helped Henry with the entire project. So I very happily did.

Some things I like about his egg design – he had some spots that he didn’t like, so he had Bob glue down some pink patches to cover those spots. He also drew in some additional patches (in brown), which he thought would be very cute. I also like all the flowers and bunnies on the design. It’s got a good rhythm to it.




Second tooth

Eleanor lost her second tooth the other night! True to form, her big tooth was already through and angling into place.



These are the funniest things I have maybe ever seen. Henry with a resting Obama face, as Abraham Lincoln (or, Honest Henry) and George Washington (or, Henry Washington). 😂

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