I don’t know how a 22-month old can seem so much like someone you want to hang out with, but here we are.


Although they are different in many ways, at least the twins are both emojis. 😛😁


A go-to game for Henry and Grant is “stand on this thing and let Grant push Henry off” and they play it a lot! I really love how much Henry will play with Grant – he loves his little brother and enjoys their time together. And Grant adores Henry, and copies his every move. They…


Today is my mom’s 75th. So Eleanor and I tagged along with her and dad and took her to lunch at Olive Garden and shopping at Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma, with a brief amuse-bouche at Barnes and Noble.


Appropriate to see this on May the Fourth.

Bee necklace

One of my belated presents was this sweet bee necklace that Bob got me:


He just pushed me off the ledge he’s standing on, and as a professional Pusher of Things, it filled him with glee.