A matter of five months

So much can happen in five months.

Although I viscerally knew the twins were itty bitty when they came home from the hospital, I was just scrolling through some of their early photos and find myself shocked at how small they were.

Compare; their first day home from the hospital:

itty bitty babies
The twins in the co-sleeper their first day home.

After a few weeks at home:

slightly larger itty bitty babies
The twins after a few weeks.

And at four-and-a-half months old:

pleasingly plump babies
visibly larger at nearly 5 months

At this point, one baby comfortably fits in the co-sleeper, facing north-to-south. They don’t fit east-to-west anymore; they push their heads against the far side while resting their feet on the bottom bar.

I already can’t believe they were ever small enough to fit in my uterus.

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