Today to Santa Fe

Today I am leaving for Santa Fe for a week, so I’m posting some of my favorite photos of my little loves from yesterday.

First up, Henry and Eleanor got some new t-shirts from Old Navy. They were extremely excited to see each other because Henry is wearing Grover, who is Eleanor’s favorite, and Eleanor is wearing Elmo, who is Henry’s favorite. Tell me that’s not genius. Notice how when they look into the forward-facing camera in their individual shots they both are looking at and touching the character.


And here was a series I caught of Henry yawning during a post-nap snuggle. He woke up before Eleanor so we cuddled and played with an alphabet app called Endless Alphabet (I really like it) and then he insisted on some selfies. He started out smiling very big for the camera, but it morphed into a yawn almost right away. My favorite is his look of smug satisfaction immediately after the yawn. A good yawn will do that for you.


I’m going to miss my family.

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