Prompt – Jan 25

Write about what makes you feel strong.

Doing complex things well.

I equate pretty intrinsically “strong” with “skilled” and “competent” and “confident.” Perhaps because I’m not particularly physically imposing, I seat strength beyond the physical (though, of course, there is no denying when someone is physically strong that they are strong). I don’t want to diminish people who have directed their energy, attention, and sweat to being physically strong – it’s not something I can do! It’s amazing. But I think that perhaps many of them would agree that they are strong beyond the physical as well. Perseverance, drive, stamina – all of these contribute to being able to even build physical strength.

So while I can (and will) be in better shape, when I genuinely feel strong is when I feel accomplished particularly around something I wasn’t sure I would succeed at, or when I do something I know is hard, but I’ve worked equally hard at being good at (and do it well). So, I feel strong when I support the people on my team across our many different facets of work, in ways that they find meaningful and genuinely useful. I feel strong when I give critical (read: vital) feedback, and the feedback helps that person do what they set out to do. I feel strong when I help my kids, and when I make them laugh. I feel strong when I support Bob in his pursuit of running. I feel strong when I provide for my family.

Thinking about this from the other direction for just a moment; I feel weak when I don’t do the thing I know needs doing.

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