Prompt – Jan 22, Jan 23, Jan 24

Another round-up, since these emails could have been a meeting, etc.

What is your favorite quote and why?

I’m more of a favorite joke person than a favorite quote person. There are a lot of really well-phrased quotes out there that are meaningful in different circumstances and at different times in life. So it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing. I guess I’ll cop out and go with “this too shall pass.” It’s always true, and can either make something endurable or more appreciated. Or both. For example, I’ll miss when my kids are not little, so I need to remember that this is a season of my life, not my whole life. But at the same time, little kids are really hard! So it won’t last forever.

Interview a fictional character.

I haven’t run an interview in awhile, but my team does do the interviews for the Happiness Engineer role at work. I think if a fictional character were to apply to be a Happiness Engineer, and had a good chance of getting a trial, it would be Wapuu.

Write about a dream you remember.

Well, I recently had a dream that was like uncanny valley enough to remember. On the one hand, completely unbelievable/unrealistic, on the other hand, not weird enough to wake me up, and had real people in it. I was invited to Obama’s inaugural ball, but it was happening in the now-ish times, so I guess a second round? Also, why would I be invited. C’mon. Anyway, it was being held at this very fancy hotel that is a recurring feature in some of my dreams. In this dream, the hotel was extremely luxurious and futuristic, but it’s not always. Sometimes it’s made of bare concrete, or whatever. I kept getting stuck in the elevator. Like, I had to be in the elevator, but then I had to leave the elevator (probably it had gotten to where I was going), but then I had to get back in the elevator, and I kept just missing seeing or talking to someone important (important to me, not Obama), but I can’t remember who, and I’m not sure I knew in the dream. And that was the entire dream. Being in an elevator, getting increasingly frustrated, and wandering big wide carpeted halls looking for something and remembering it’s on another floor. Can’t imagine what it means.

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