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  • Prompt – Jan 31

    How do you feel when you look at the stars? Initially, insignificant in a very freeing way. Sometimes it’s a relief to look up and far into the past, and recognize that in a cosmic sense, my presence is immaterial. I can never screw up so much that the entire universe is at stake. I […]

  • Prompt – Jan 30

    Describe yourself as a tree. I’m not sure I wood describe myself as a tree. It’s not that I’m not willowing, but it’s a bit of a pine in the ash to try to camphor myself to a plant. I appreciate the silliness, but I’m rooted in a more realistic beleaf system. Elm not trying […]

  • Prompt – Jan 29

    How are you changing the world? Well this prompt certainly makes some assumptions. I think for many of us, we will never understand the scope of how we affect the world. We might smile at someone one day, who has a slightly better day as a result, and that is change in the world. We […]

  • Prompt – Jan 28

    What is on your music playlist right now? I have really predictable and boring tastes in music. I mean, I like it all, but how could this not be boring for anyone else to read? Music journalism is interesting, but those are professionals who can craft compelling narratives around artists and music. Anyway, that’s neither […]

  • Prompt – Jan 27

    Where do you go when you need solitude? Solitude has two different connotations (in my opinion) – one is the freedom of aloneness, and one is the isolation of loneliness. The latter is the one that lots and lots of people are struggling with through this pandemic. But I have been steadily filling my home […]

  • Prompt – Jan 26

    What is your favorite part about yourself? I think I’m whimsically pragmatic, and that is something I genuinely value in myself. A few days ago, I couldn’t land on a favorite quote, but in this context, here’s one I come back to again and again: There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than […]

  • Prompt – Jan 25

    Write about what makes you feel strong. Doing complex things well. I equate pretty intrinsically “strong” with “skilled” and “competent” and “confident.” Perhaps because I’m not particularly physically imposing, I seat strength beyond the physical (though, of course, there is no denying when someone is physically strong that they are strong). I don’t want to […]

  • Prompt – Jan 22, Jan 23, Jan 24

    Another round-up, since these emails could have been a meeting, etc. What is your favorite quote and why? I’m more of a favorite joke person than a favorite quote person. There are a lot of really well-phrased quotes out there that are meaningful in different circumstances and at different times in life. So it’s hard […]

  • Prompt – Jan 21

    If you could, what year would you time travel to and why? I have questions. Would I get to time travel with no consequences? Like, is it an accepted tourism practice, and people in other times expect travelers? Is it instant and easy? Or what? Do I have to stay for the full year? Do […]

  • Prompt – Jan 20

    What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken? Too hard. Here are some by category: Favorite of Grant in the last year or so: Favorite of Henry in the last year or so: Favorite picture of Eleanor in the past year or so: Favorite of Bob the past year or so (I cheated, there’s three […]