Bloganuary prompt – Jan 17

Describe the happiest day of your life.

This is another prompt where I immediately feel bad for not having a single answer! But from another angle, I’m lucky to have so many happy days that it’s impossible to choose one. My wedding day was dope. That was really a good one. That whole weekend was really fun and perfect, with the exception of the morning after the wedding because by then I was Hungover (capital H). The day the twins were born, and the day that Grant was born – both really good days. Of course, the days leading up to those days were absolutely terrifying. Especially the twins, because it was my first time giving birth and that shit is scary as hell. But the endorphins and the BABIES on the OUTSIDE after birth make it totally fine. I have a lot of happy memories – like putting the twins to bed when they were infants and sleeping through the night, and bingeing all of Saved By the Bell. That was a few weeks, not a day, but we were so happy. We used to put them to bed and then talk about them (we did this with Grant, too), and one of us would invariably say “let’s wake them up and play with them.” We never did that, of course. There’s a lot like that, where we just had happiness. There was the day when Henry, after watching Eleanor cruise/walk for a few weeks, just stood up in the middle of the floor – straight up, no putting his hands down for balance, and he looked the most surprised of anyone. There was the time I was breastfeeding Grant at some event in our town in North Carolina, and a woman stopped by my bench and said, “thank you for normalizing breastfeeding in public,” and smiled warmly, and moved on. There are the times I see my friends – I don’t see them often, so each moment is really cherished. One time in college, me and a few of my friends went to house-sit / party, and we had such a good/bad time. We look back now and fall all over laughing about it. When my parents still lived in Houston and Bob and I would visit, we’d take time to spend a few days in San Antonio. We’d stay at the Emily Morgan hotel, and visit the Alamo and the riverwalk. One time, we were at the Alamo at the fountain with Bowie’s name on it (and three other names that escape me at the moment; this isn’t about them) and a parent in the vicinity with their child and gritting through their teeth, “this is history! right now!” Oh how we would joke about that. Then we had kids and took them places! That parent was justified! Whenever we would get frustrated with them one of us would hiss through their teeth at the other, “this is history! right now!” and we couldn’t help but laugh again. I was really happy the day that I got an offer to join Automattic. It helped that I was on a beach in San Clemente, CA, and was leaving the next day for Hawaii. It was also the week before Thanksgiving. One time a long time ago, I got to ride the purple horse at the stables in New Delhi, India (where we lived at the time). I realize rationally, the horse wasn’t purple really, but I assure you that indeed it was.

So, there just has been a lot of happiests, and they far exceed just one day.

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