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  • A little bit stats, a little bit flowers

    Every year on your anniversary date, HR sends an email to you to give you some stats from the last year. Since I wrote my One Decade post the day before my actual anniversary, I didn’t have the email. Now I do, and these are my stats: Last year, these were my stats: While I […]

  • One Decade

    On Saturday, Dec 3 2022, I will have been with Automattic for ten years – a full decade. This is the only job any of my kids remember me having (the twins had just turned one when I accepted my job offer). The twins did think my former boss was Wapuu, though, when I told […]

  • Eleven!

    The twins are eleven! Hitting double digits last year was a big milestone, but somehow, eleven feels much bigger. We’re on the cusp of tweenage years, and puberty is looming. Both my first babies are very comfortable with their age – Eleanor has stated she is not eager to grow up too quickly, and Henry, […]

  • Bob at 42

    Today Bob is 42, which is the answer the life, the universe, and everything. This year of his life has been one of my favorites to spend with him; it’s been a very good year! He’s gotten stronger, working with his coach to become an excellent Masters runner. He’s switched jobs and spends his days […]

  • Costumes

    For the third year, the twins chose to be dinosaurs. And Grant continues to make his way through the Paw Patrol.

  • Jack-o-lanterns

    We carved our pumpkins yesterday, and I think we outdid ourselves (again) this year. Eleanor’s holey pumpkin is a tradition for her. With such a big pumpkin, she said, it just looks like it has fewer holes. Adding more holes wasn’t an option, apparently. Bob and I made the pukekin. He scoops and cleans out […]

  • Boo

    Spooky season started early for me. Last evening, I was relaxing in the kitchen, reading my book. It was post-dinner; the twins were watching TV and Grant was getting a bath. This was some “me” time. It was that time in the evening when afternoon is really just over. It’s gotten dark enough outside that […]

  • Evil otter

    Grant made this on his first day of school. It says “Classmates should be kind to each other”. He showed it to me, and I said, “oh it’s so sweet!” And he clutched my arm, leaned in close and said, “it’s evil! It’s got red eyes!” And he cackled like the witch-in-training he is. It’s […]

  • Lady Liberty

    Maybe we were standing too close.

  • Brothers minecrafting

    Unalike in looks (though they are the two who most people think look like me), but much alike in personality. They often have trouble getting along, but they share a love of Minecraft.