I got to say, it was a good day

On Friday morning my mom had to come to Roswell Park in Buffalo to have her right lung upper lobe removed. The doctor talked to me and my dad after the surgery and they think they got all the cancer. They’ll check her regularly, but hopefully this is it! Right now, she doesn’t need chemo or radiation.

About four or five hours after mom went into her operation, dad and I were able to see mom in her room on 6 East. We sat with mom all the rest of the day and into the evening. Mom was so, so tired, but still sassy. Late Friday night (well, Saturday morning at 2:20), my sister Kirsten arrived, and we spent all day Saturday visiting with mom. She was sitting up and had to take laps of the floor, and was in excellent spirits. Mom and dad taught Kirsten and I to play bridge! Dad kept “remembering” rules as we played. It was a lot of fun – we are probably having the most fun of anyone on the floor.

Today is the day they think she can go home, which is great news and is also my birthday. It’s just what I wanted. EDIT: she isn’t being released today, unfortunately, but is still going great.

Table read

Henry annoys Ele almost constantly by reading over her shoulder. So today she organized a dramatic reading of DogMan. She was the narrator and one character, and Henry was the other two characters. Eleanor is an exacting director, but she gets results.