Category: Just life, you know?

  • The head and the heart

    We went to see The Head and the Heart in Niagara Falls at Artpark this evening. It was a beautiful night, a gorgeous, intimate venue, and an amazing show. A truly phenomenal band to see live. I swear they played their entire catalog.

  • Champion!

    Grant got a strike at the bowling birthday party he went to today! He ran and told all of his friends and a lot of their moms too. He called it a goal, and I think that’s perfect.

  • One week, two ways

    The past week (or 10 days) has been complex. I’d be inclined to call it a rollercoaster, because there have been distinctly good things and distinctly bad things, but I think I’d rather think of it as two different perspectives, coexisting. The first perspective: painful. (TW: Robb Elementary) The beginning, I think, was Bob and […]

  • Minding

    To start with a brief aside, “mind” can mean quite a lot. It can mean to caretake (child minder), to be careful (mind the gap), to pay attention or remind (mind your manners / mind you), to be bothered (do you mind?), it can be your brain (in the back of my mind), the way […]

  • Sunday walk

    On Sunday, Grant and I took a long walk around town. We got caught in a thunderstorm and had to wait it (mostly) out in Tim Hortons, which Grant found wonderful.

  • Purple delight

    This flower is luxuriating in my garden, and I feel so much joy because of it.

  • Spot the difference – round 2

    Here’s round one. Remember for Mother’s day the sweet book Henry filled out for me? Well, being in the same grade, Eleanor did one too. Let’s take a look: I appreciate the callouts to soap, the guinea pigs (who do sound like car alarms when they’re feeling bitchy), my Starbucks mugs along the top of […]

  • Pastoral

    Western New York on a warm spring evening.

  • Tomato Plant Day

    Every mother’s day, we get my mom a tomato plant, and try to spend the day at my parent’s house (illnesses notwithstanding). Yesterday was a perfect day, and my oldest sister was able to come as well! We – my mom, my sister, and I – tried to get a photo together, but my various […]

  • Henry’s mom

    I like the sound of Henry’s mom – she seems rad. Henry really is the best ❤️