Category: Just life, you know?

  • Jack-o-lanterns

    We carved our pumpkins yesterday, and I think we outdid ourselves (again) this year. Eleanor’s holey pumpkin is a tradition for her. With such a big pumpkin, she said, it just looks like it has fewer holes. Adding more holes wasn’t an option, apparently. Bob and I made the pukekin. He scoops and cleans out […]

  • Boo

    Spooky season started early for me. Last evening, I was relaxing in the kitchen, reading my book. It was post-dinner; the twins were watching TV and Grant was getting a bath. This was some “me” time. It was that time in the evening when afternoon is really just over. It’s gotten dark enough outside that […]

  • Evil otter

    Grant made this on his first day of school. It says “Classmates should be kind to each other”. He showed it to me, and I said, “oh it’s so sweet!” And he clutched my arm, leaned in close and said, “it’s evil! It’s got red eyes!” And he cackled like the witch-in-training he is. It’s […]

  • Lady Liberty

    Maybe we were standing too close.

  • Brothers minecrafting

    Unalike in looks (though they are the two who most people think look like me), but much alike in personality. They often have trouble getting along, but they share a love of Minecraft.

  • A weekend out

    Last weekend, Bob and I were able to get a night away in the finger lakes. It’s one of our favorite places to go because it’s laid-back and beautiful. We also looked at a lake front cottage that was adorable and way out of our price range. We went to two wineries – one we’d […]

  • Grant’s father, the hero

    Two days ago, we got home from daycare and work, and Grant wanted to ride his scooter. It wasn’t where we remembered it being, so we looked more places – the garage, the cars, the other side of the house… nothing. So we reviewed the footage from the doorbell. We saw it was by the […]

  • Grant stories

    Grant loves for me to make up stories, but he does not like to be the main character. So often I have stories for him about another boy named Grant (you and I, however, both know that our Grant is the Grant in the stories). Here are two recent ones I made up for him. […]

  • Shark teeth

    Grant recently had his first adult tooth growing in behind his baby teeth. We call these shark teeth, because they’re in rows. In due time, one of his bottom teeth became loose and wiggly. On our vacation, he was deeply concerned about this tooth, because he’s never lost a tooth before. At night time, when […]

  • Wasaga

    Every August, for one week, we go to Wasaga Beach, Ontario (unless the border is closed, in which case we stay home terrified and exhausted). We do nearly nothing. Venturing out to get this photo (a couple miles from our cottage) was An Event. It might be my favorite vacation. It’s nearby (four or five […]