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  • Outside

  • American Grafitti

    We have some real vibes at the ice cream place today. In the rain.

  • Busy weekends

    Two different, differently busy weekends. Weekend One Last weekend, Bob took me out for an overnight in a nearby ski town to celebrate my birthday. We took his sister and our brother-in-law out for dinner and drinks as well, to make it a proper party. I had so much fun! I bought a new dress […]

  • A short film by Grant

    Please enjoy this short film by Grant. He hopes to be considered for best original screenplay and best actor and best director. I’m the cinematographer, and I’m already the best. It’s possible you hear me stifle a yawn at one point but that’s not a reflection of how many takes this took. Also we couldn’t […]

  • Spot the difference

    Twins are not nearly as alike as one might think. Recall the frog book that Eleanor made as an assignment? Well Henry made one too. Let’s compare their dedications. Eleanor’s first, as a refresher. Then there’s Henry’s dedication, which when contrasted with Eleanor’s dedication, tells you exactly everything about their relationship. May Eleanor and Floor […]

  • Friday

    It’s been a long day (starting early with some meetings), and progressing fairly non-stop until it was time to pick up Grant. But it is nice and sunny today, so we went to the playground before dinner, and then to walk around JCC after dinner. I’m solo parenting for a few days, but sometimes the […]

  • Forty-one

    More like forty-fun, amirite? Forty was a good year. It went well, and I’m glad it happened. I’m really looking forward to forty-one, because it just seems like it’s going to be awesome. I love flowers. Bob bought me a beautiful bouquet yesterday (Grant tells me he was involved in the selection, but since Grant […]

  • Spring

    It’s happening!

  • equilibrium

    A day more than ten weeks ago I committed to ghosting on Twitter, FB, and Instagram. Since then, I have been to Facebook once, and Twitter a handful of times (to check notifications for both), and have not been back on Instagram. I’ve been glued to my phone for years, more than a decade, certainly, […]

  • Fantastic Frogs!

    For a class project, Eleanor had to write a book about frogs. She did very well, and editorialized the hell out of it. I am proud. There is a lot more to this book, but it is actually about frogs, and I’d recommend checking wikipedia. I think that’s what Eleanor did.