Bloganuary prompt – Jan 11

How do you define success?

I feel like I’ve answered this before, but perhaps not. Success is doing what you wanted to do or needed to do, and doing it well. Having a high impact. Being satisfied with how your time was spent. Sometimes success is getting two shoes on a kid before one or more socks come off the same kid. Occasionally, it’s getting everyone to remember to brush their teeth and or hair. And or hairy teeth. It’s learning how to sound out words by running a power finger under each letter slowly, and remembering the rules like “bossy E.” It’s getting a high score, or it’s working hard and doing your very best regardless of outcome. It’s trying every day. It’s changing your mind when the facts are clear. Capitalism success (like, at work) is usually really clear and defined by metrics. Personal success is subjective and shifts and changes as you grow as a human.

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