Bloganuary prompt – Jan 18

What’s your favorite meal to cook and/or eat?

I don’t have a favorite! How could I choose!? I like cooking and I like eating as well, so I maybe I’m supposed to have one, but I don’t. It really depends on how I’m feeling at any given moment.

I cook Hello Fresh a lot, which makes it easy to cook something without having a ton of waste and also be walked through the recipe clearly. Of those recipes, I like making sweet corn and poblano chowder, nearly all their fish dishes (the most recent one I made was salmon á l’orange), bell pepper and zucchini gnocchi, their tacos (they have a good cauliflower one), and lots of others. It’s made me more confident with spicing, saucing, and finishing dishes. I really love to watch cooking shows (I just watched a new Iron Chef show on Netflix – my first Iron Chef foray) because it’s all about crafting nourishment. Chef’s Table is excellent at this, and the theme song features a section of Vivaldi’s Four Season, so really a feast however you look at it. Some of the chefs are avant garde, and some are fixed on simple food made well. All of them care about food, the land, and feeding people. A lot of them have farms or programs to feed people, to reduce damage done to the earth, and to raise awareness.

Lately I’ve been really tired and stretched a bit thin, so I haven’t been excited to cook. I feel better when I do, usually, but it’s still a process. And usually I’ll cook for me and Bob after I’ve cooked for the kids. And that’s usually right after I finish work, so it’s a long stretch of making food and I just don’t always want to do that. Today, I’d really like some homemade lobster mac and cheese. But I don’t think I have the fixings, so it’ll be something else.

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