I like the name Dexter. I like the name Rose. I don’t know what to think about Dextrose. So I looked it up. The redirect for Dextrose at Wikipedia goes straight to glucose. It’s a simple sugar (monosaccharide). It’s a fuel source for us (and most other biological organisms). I saw “Dextrose” on the back of a package of Arnold’s Sandwich Thins 100% Wheat. And as one of the words I just didn’t understand, it made me a little nervous. But I bought the bread anyway. How often does this happen? I know I do it frequently. It’s hard to remember all the stuff we should avoid, so sometimes I find myself buying something feeling apprehensive. And it’s easy to get confused. Sometimes we can begin associating the bad products with the good products, just by accident. I find myself unsure of whether palm oil is good or bad. It’s sure not good – it is a highly saturated vegetable fat (and near solid at room temperature) that increases both good and bad cholesterol levels (although it doesn’t contain cholesterol itself). And consider this: palm oil harvesting and production causes a lot of damage to the environment – things like deforestation (thereby, habitat losses), and increases in greenhouse gasses. Further, WHO (as noted by Center for Science in the Public Interest) strongly urges reduced consumption of palm oil, because, among other things, it promotes heart disease. And it’s also in my bread.

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