Tofu Barbeque

Tonight our main course was tofu barbeque. I found the recipe on, courtesy of Yealang Smith. Here’s how I make it. I chop up a quarter of an onion and half of a green bell pepper. I saute them both together in a pan when the oil has warmed up / is way too hot. It’s a delicate balance. Then, once the onions are turning translucent, I turn the heat down a bit, and tend to the tofu. I get firm tofu; I think the recipe calls for medium. I drain it, squeeze it just a tiny bit, and then lay it out on a non-nappy dishcloth. At the very least, get the non hairy side of a regular dishtowel.  Then I place the cloth over the top and sides of the tofu brick (while it’s still on top of the cloth) and sort of squeeze out the extra moisture. It takes a little while to do this, and you might go through a few dishcloths. But, the advantage is that the tofu stays firm. If you want it to melt, don’t do this; if you want it to crumble don’t do it very much. But I want to cut out little cubes, so I pat it dry for awhile. It still has some moisture to it when I’m done, but you eventually get a feel for how dry you want it. So then I slice up my tofu by making five or so slices the short way across the widest part (like, going across the bed), then one straight down the middle (like, going from the head of the bed to the foot), and then slicing the whole thing in half through the narrow part (like, slicing the top off the mattress altogether). I try to keep my pieces even, but it never really works. The dryer the tofu, the easier it is to do this whole part. Then, I toss the tofu in the pan with onion and pepper, and dial up the heat again. If I have the time (and it’s not a hot day), I hang out with the tofu and get the sides all nice and brown. If it’s a hot day, I just turn up the heat to medium / medium high, and let it brown by itself. Once I think things are going well (2 or 3 minutes), I add some barbeque sauce. I don’t know how much. I totally eyeball it. I wish I was making my own bbq, but I haven’t done that yet (soon, though, because I don’t like the idea of the high fructose corn syrup). I put the lid on it and let it just simmer for 10 minutes or so. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I stir it a few times throughout to keep the bbq sauce from burning. When I put the lid on the tofu for the first time, I start up some brown rice. Then, when the rice is done, I feel that the tofu is about done, and I serve the tofu over rice. Viola!

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