Bloganuary prompt – Jan 6

Why do you write?

Writing is probably my primary form of communication now. I write more than I talk. At work, we communicate thoroughly, and a lot of that is written – either on internal P2s (blogs), or Slack, or Google docs, sheets, etc. At work, I write to communicate and to be transparent. We keep everything internally-public, and documented. We write the history, hour by hour.

On this here blog, I have less of an answer. I don’t want to forget. I have a very good memory for what I have directly in front of me, and absorb a lot of information each day. Which also means that I forget things as they get squeezed out of my brain. Writing stuff down helps cement it, and gives me something to look back on. Every year for Christmas, I make Bob a yearbook of our family, and it’s primarily pictures, with very little text. But the blog is the record, really, of the things we do. That is slightly less true now than it was a few years ago – I don’t put up every little thing, to protect some aspects of our privacy, but since it serves as my digital memory for myself, there’s a lot of home life on it.

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