I have several ways I like to take notes while I work, and my methodology is pretty much non-existent. I use whichever depending on what feels right. My three ways of taking notes are:

  • Simplenote. Automattic owns this app, so it’s a natural choice. I can sync it between my phone and computer, so it’s really handy for jotting something down for work when I’m not working. It’s also a small app on screen, so I sometimes use it to take notes while I’m in a call, if typing notes feels right in that moment. I usually use Simplenote for call notes if I am going to post the call notes (if someone else is, I might just note things in my notebook).
  • Leuchtturm notebook. I get these from work as well, and they’re high quality, so using them is a pleasure. I have the dot grid pages which is useful because sometimes I draw concepts out. I also use these notebooks to check list my to-dos, when that becomes necessary.
  • Post-it Notes. They’re yellow squares that stick. I use these for quick stuff I don’t want to keep forever. Sometimes I write a thing on a post-it note that I do want to keep, in which case I stick it in my notebook. I have some stuck to my computer monitor with book recs from colleagues, thought exercises to center me when work is piling up, and little bon mots I don’t want to forget.

With Simplenote and my notebook, I expect those to be part of the record. I keep them – I don’t throw out notebooks and I don’t very often delete my Simplenote notes (and those notes often end up on P2 anyway). But Post-Its are designed to be disposable, which I don’t love. Something that’s nice about brand Post-its (not off-brand, in other words) is that nearly always they are perfect squares. So I use my old Post-its as origami fodder. Folding helps me stay focused and gives me a way to busy my hands to free-up my mind. Of all my note usage, Post-its constitute the smallest amount. I have filled up a notebook this year, and taken plenty of Simplenotes, but I can honestly say that the below is more than 90% of the Post-its I’ve used since joining Tumblr.

Some origami paper snuck into the mix – but it’s smaller than post-it size, so the squares are not interchangeable.

And for fun, here’s what my work notebook looks like:

It’s a little banged up from getting shoved in my bag every day. Still sturdy!

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