The twins are eleven! Hitting double digits last year was a big milestone, but somehow, eleven feels much bigger. We’re on the cusp of tweenage years, and puberty is looming. Both my first babies are very comfortable with their age – Eleanor has stated she is not eager to grow up too quickly, and Henry, while being the more practical of the two, agrees. I know before I know it, however, they’ll be driving, moving out, moving back in, moving out again, (etc). They’re more than halfway to being legal adults!

For their birthday this year, we took them, one friend each, Grant, and their cousin Johnny to a trampoline park on Saturday. We also took the whole crew to Dave and Busters, to enjoy the arcade prior to jumping. We tired the entire crew out (including myself, and I didn’t even jump, I just wrangled). It was a lot of fun!

On Sunday, we took our 3 Ringlets to see Aladdin, which is touring nationally. We got tickets for the Warner Theatre in Erie, PA., which is the same distance from us as Buffalo, NY. The last time I was at the Warner was to see Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels. It was really neat to see the theatre through the kids’ eyes! The love live shows, and we all had our favorite parts. Eleanor liked how they made the magic carpet fly on stage, Henry liked the opening number, and Grant liked Jafar.

On Monday, we focused on Halloween, and took the kids trick or treating in my parents’ neighborhood. They were all so tired! Grant kept sitting down to rest. I guess a couple long days focused on fun will wipe a body out.

Today, Tuesday, I let the twins have unlimited screen time after school (it’s usually restricted), we had sushi for dinner (their pick), chocolate cake, and cheesecake (for those who partake). Then, presents! I have one more present arriving for Eleanor, that I think may get its own post when it arrives. I think it’s hilarious, so watch this space!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past 365 days ❤

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