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  • Boo

    Spooky season started early for me. Last evening, I was relaxing in the kitchen, reading my book. It was post-dinner; the twins were watching TV and Grant was getting a bath. This was some “me” time. It was that time in the evening when afternoon is really just over. It’s gotten dark enough outside that […]

  • Brothers minecrafting

    Unalike in looks (though they are the two who most people think look like me), but much alike in personality. They often have trouble getting along, but they share a love of Minecraft.

  • Grant’s father, the hero

    Two days ago, we got home from daycare and work, and Grant wanted to ride his scooter. It wasn’t where we remembered it being, so we looked more places – the garage, the cars, the other side of the house… nothing. So we reviewed the footage from the doorbell. We saw it was by the […]

  • Grant stories

    Grant loves for me to make up stories, but he does not like to be the main character. So often I have stories for him about another boy named Grant (you and I, however, both know that our Grant is the Grant in the stories). Here are two recent ones I made up for him. […]

  • Shark teeth

    Grant recently had his first adult tooth growing in behind his baby teeth. We call these shark teeth, because they’re in rows. In due time, one of his bottom teeth became loose and wiggly. On our vacation, he was deeply concerned about this tooth, because he’s never lost a tooth before. At night time, when […]

  • Heavy

    Grant, 6, woke up sobbing this evening. He came downstairs and I asked what was wrong. He said he was sad, because someday I will die. I remember doing this around age 10, with my parents. But in my case, I was concerned about myself dying, because I didn’t want to go to heaven. I […]

  • Twinning

    The twins each have a pair of sandals and for a short while, they each lost one of the pair. And then when we took a trip to NYC, Henry forgot to bring shoes, but we had the lost individual sandals in the car. So for the entire trip, Henry had to wear mismatched sandals. […]

  • Dictation

    My five-year-old has me take dictation, and it is always way better than expected.

  • Frunks

    Henry is developing characters for a graphic novel he wants to write. They are called frunks, and he has done a fantastic job so far. I love his art so much. The frunkeen is something he created and it’s going in the book somewhere, but he doesn’t know where yet. He also doesn’t know what […]

  • Ring in the air

    His preference is elevated.