Grant stories

Grant loves for me to make up stories, but he does not like to be the main character. So often I have stories for him about another boy named Grant (you and I, however, both know that our Grant is the Grant in the stories). Here are two recent ones I made up for him. They are very short because I’m not great at making up stories, but Grant wants to hear them over and over nonetheless.

The Swim

Once there was a boy named Grant, who loved to play and have fun at the beach. He was visiting the beach with his family and while playing in the water one day, he suddenly grew flippers and was able to swim super fast! He swam from Wasaga Beach all the way across the Georgian Bay, across Lake Huron, and then all the way down Lake Michigan to Chicago. The people in Chicago said it simply couldn’t be done, for a six year old boy to swim across two Great Lakes, but Grant had done it, and done it well. So the city of Chicago threw Grant a ticker tape parade down the Magnificent Mile, the most famous stretch of street in all of Chicago. Grant decided he wanted to go back to his family, so he swam back across both Great Lakes and the Georgian Bay and arrived home in time for dinner. His aunt Jen said she knew he could do it all along. The other kids begged Grant to show them how to swim as fast as he could, and while he showed them how he did it, they never swam as fast or as far as Grant. He was the fastest.

The Frog

Yesterday, at the State Park, Grant was playing in the creek. He was plashing through the water, hopping onto rocks and sliding off again, shrieking with delight. Quite suddenly, Grant heard an enormous ribbit. He turned slowly around, and there was the biggest, slimiest frog in the entire world! It gobbled Grant up in one huge gulp. Inside the frog’s tummy was an entire forest, with a creek running through the middle. Grant built a stick house to live in, and pulled out seven blue crayons to color with in order to pass the time. While coloring on the floor, Grant accidentally tickled the frog from the inside. He could tell it was hopping around with the giggles, so he kept tickling with all seven blue crayons, until it ribbited him right back out again! Grant ran right over to his mom to tell her about the huge frog, but when they went back to look for it, the frog had hopped away, never to gulp down a little boy again.

Incidentally, Grant did suddenly pull out seven blue crayons at the state park yesterday, and asked me to hold them for him. I have no idea where they came from. Henry found a super tiny little frog and shared it to Eleanor. You can see how this story came together.

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