13th anniversary

Today is Bob and my thirteenth anniversary. Apparently the lace anniversary! Bob bought me wine and I bought him dinner, so we got pretty close to hitting the nail on the head, in terms of traditional gifting.

Here are my favorite selfies (usies) from the past year, since August 1, 2021.

Click to see the full image.

We’ve had a great year together, in my opinion (I think he’d agree). Individually, we have jobs we really love and feel excited about. Together, we have been a great team and support system for each other through dealing with parenting challenges, helping each other try new things, and invest in our own development (for him, running, for me, career growth). I think he’s the funniest, and also the handsomest, and I’m sure he’d say the same about me. I feel very lucky and loved. To the next thirteen, then the thirteen after that, and the thirteen after that! And the thirteen after that? Maybe the thirteen after that? I’m not adding these up, but I think we’re getting close to life expectancy. Revision: To life!

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