A Repost is not a Reblog

Herein lies a single spoiler for today’s NYT crossword.

My dear Will Shortz and co., let me begin by saying that I adore that Tumblr made it into today’s crossword. Seeing the clue “Many a Tumblr share” literally made me gasp in delight over my tea this morning. For many of us at Tumblr, this was a thrilling start to the day!

However, the correct nomenclature within Tumblr for this clue is “reblog,” not “repost.” In this context, “repost” is archaic and sits well outside of typical usage. Myself and several other folks got this answer wrong initially, and we work at Tumblr.

You see, my good Shortz et al., within the Tumblr experience, “reblog” has been in use from the very start, and it’s an essential part of what makes Tumblr so special.

The label as it appears within Tumblr

However, the reblog isn’t the only thing that makes Tumblr special. The article for the puzzle states that “the platform is mainly about REPOSTing other people’s social-media posts. Over and over again.” The writer would be somewhat more correct if they simply changed repost to reblog, but again, there’s more to Tumblr. Tumblr is community (which reblogging is a part of), a space for art and artists, a blog network, and a place that is the best kind of weird. I happily admit that this is too much for a single clue! I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring it up here.

I have been thinking of the possibility that perhaps the answer arrived on your dining room table as “repost” with a different clue, and one of your enterprising assistants suggested the Tumblr clue instead. And I know it’s as likely that the clue and answer arrived as it appears in the puzzle. Obviously, the fit of the other clues is important here, and “repost” is the only word that fits. Whichever way Tumblr came to appear in today’s puzzle, I’m pleased and grateful that it did – there were other options, and you (and team) stuck with Tumblr. I hope this is the first, and not a singular instance; indeed, if your team would like clarification on terminology in the future, we would be happy to help. I also gently challenge you to set up a Tumblr – follow the #crossword tag perhaps! – and explore our corner of the internet.

Yours in reblogs,

Zandy Ring

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