Ringlets update

Henry had to have a tooth pulled recently (his mouth is too small and his baby teeth are hanging on for dear life), and he’s been dutifully putting the tooth under his pillow, to no avail.


Finally, last night he wrote a strongly worded note to the tooth fairy and taped the tooth to the note. He wouldn’t let me read the note because it’s between him and the tooth fairy. Needless to say, the tooth fairy remembered last night. He forgot to check, so we don’t know the tooth fairy remembered, of course.

He’s been working on a drawing for days, and he’s finally ready to color it. I love this drawing. It’s various cat towers, and he gave them each strength and hp values. I strongly urge you to zoom in on this.

Lower left quadrant is the fossil tower. Lower right is the steampunk tower and please admire the kitty poking through the portal (his butt is in the top left quadrant).

Above fossil are the nature towers – forest, desert, and volcano. At the forest tower you can see a bee from the hive tower on the right side. Above the hive are the candy tower and the aquarium tower. Middle top is the glitch tower, and top left is the space tower.

I am obsessed with this.

In the car on the way to school this morning, the discussion turned to teeth. Eleanor is formulating a theory about the tooth fairy. She’s not sure if there is a tooth fairy for every person, or one tooth fairy for the world. She estimates that millions of people lose teeth each day, and that’s a lot of work for one fairy, but by the same token, fairies can probably bend time. She is leaning towards there being multiple fairies, because she knows that we get $2 bills (tooth dollar bills), but her cousins get dollar coins. She also thinks that it would be easier for there to be at least localized fairies because currency is different all over. Further, she thinks that the tooth fairy life cycle is in two parts: tooth collection and tooth manufacture/money collection. Tooth fairies start out on tooth collection duty. Once their people are done losing teeth, they work on manufacturing teeth (I’m not clear on why they do this), and also collecting dollarydoos for tooth exchanges.

Meanwhile Grant is deep in birthday party planning. His birthday is at the end of June, but today he was telling me in exacting detail what is going to happen at his party. All his friends will be there, and Mrs Knight, his teacher. We will start at a local restaurant that he likes, then go to our house, and all the kids will play up in his room (his teacher too). Then they will all come downstairs for cake. I am instructed to tell his frenemy to not break any of Grant’s toys. I told Grant I had a suggestion, and he asked if it was that all the kids have cake before going to his room. That indeed was not my suggestion. I suggested we have his party at the Y, and have them get out their bounce castle. He started digging into the logistics (do we get out the bleachers to eat cake on? Where will people sit?) But I assured him we could talk about it thoroughly later. I bet you ten baby teeth that he will corral his favorite aftercare teacher (Mr Andy) and badger him into helping him plan this out further (aftercare is run by the Y).

So, very full, busy lives for the Ringlets at the moment.

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