A few years ago I got Henry this game (kit?) called Bloxels. It comes with all these small plastic blocks and a grid to place them in. The idea is that you use the grid to build game components by hand, scan them into the app, and then you can put together all the components and actually play the game on whatever device you have.

He’s been playing it again recently, and has been really excited with the results. He plays the games he builds for hours, and tells me all about them, too.

He created a character (a fox) on the grid, and then scanned it into his app.

Once the character is scanned in, he can further customize it. He added a tail wag.

Once his character and board are ready, he does test runs. He told me he made the running much smoother. He used to create impossible boards, but now he makes boards that he finds fun and challenging.

He can also create the ground blocks, and the different color blocks scan in as different surfaces. So a brown block is dirt, and a green block is grass, for example. There are also pre-made board components, like coins and standard blocks (like, dirt and grass). Every component in a board is one he’s placed specifically. It’s just really cool.

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