On Monday, Grant came home from school bursting with Valentines joy. He clutched two separate little gift bags chock full of candy, stickers, and cheap toys. He went through his spoils, and began the benevolent distribution process. He loves to give people things and be thanked for it, preferably profusely.

He gave me a tiny telescope, which I dutifully peered through and said, “oh my” and the like. He was pleased as punch. We did have to both look through it at each other several times, and he borrowed it to look out the window, but he ended this session with “this is your toy now, mom.”

On Tuesday, I picked him up from school and the first thing he said to me was, “did you play with your new toy today mom?” He was so excited and really needed to hear that I had had a lot of fun playing all day with the telescope. Unfortunately, I was not able to squeeze any “playing with toys” sessions in during my work day on Tuesday, and told him as much. While he was disappointed, he was ok with us again playing with it together after work.

Wednesday is a really busy day for the family after work, so he was distracted from any ideas of toys yesterday. But today, however, I brought my tiny telescope to work. I have a lot to do, but between some calls this morning, I made sure to play with the tiny telescope. And I will need you all to back me up on that.

Alas, there is no magnification.

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