Chaos kitties

I’ve been wearing head-to-toe wool non-stop for a few months now, because it’s been super cold here, and wool is warm.

Today, though, when I was getting ready, I felt a need for a change. I have a selection of leggings, like any regular human would I suppose. So I looked through them and saw the one pair that reflected my attitude this week.

The twins call these leggings “chaos kitties playing keyboards in the cosmos” and they chant this quietly, together, when I wear them around them. So they’ve got that going for them, too.

I’ve had these leggings for years, and I live in dread of them getting a hole or wearing out, because I’m positive I’ll never find such boss leggings again.

I tend to forget I’m wearing them (like, this pattern), and field laughs from people I come across. On my walk to my co-working space this morning, this woman just stared at them as we passed on the sidewalk. I looked down thought “oh, yeah,” and it’s fine. Hopefully she will be inspired to go out and find her own chaos kitties playing keyboards in the cosmos leggings, but she probably has a formal job or whatever. Here’s hoping that everyone has at least one piece of clothing that is utter nonsense and makes them happy.

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