Prompt – Jan 30

Describe yourself as a tree.

I’m not sure I wood describe myself as a tree. It’s not that I’m not willowing, but it’s a bit of a pine in the ash to try to camphor myself to a plant. I appreciate the silliness, but I’m rooted in a more realistic beleaf system.

Elm not trying to be deciduous, but I have to clove to my ideals. First of all, I’m not one to needle; I prefer to Ponderosa in solitude. Sequoia, when I’m faced with several branches, I don’t want to prune my options.

I think if you’re describing yourself as a tree, you’re really hackberrying together a concept that won’t shoot — that dogwood don’t hunt. Truly, though, I’m more bark than bite, and I’m not above relying on the old chestnut of punning my way out of this prompt.

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