Prompt – Jan 28

What is on your music playlist right now?

I have really predictable and boring tastes in music. I mean, I like it all, but how could this not be boring for anyone else to read? Music journalism is interesting, but those are professionals who can craft compelling narratives around artists and music. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, I’m just stalling 🙃

I do one of two things: hop around music genres every day or two, or listen to the exact same playlist for 4 months. I mostly listen to music while I’m working, and sometimes I need something I can bop around to, and other times I need music that sort of holds you steady, like instrumental. So sometimes I’m listening to Taylor Swift, and other times I’m listening to music scores with threatening auras.

This particular week has been a more frenetic week, musically. I’ve been working on many different things, and volunteered for a new thing, so I’ve been a little in the stratosphere, emotionally. In a good way. My musical repository of choice is YouTube Music. I am not sure why I use it, I just do not remember. But I pay for it! So I made a choice at some point! I’ve never really taken to Spotify, I don’t have any kind of desire to use Apple Music. And I like it; it works well, I’ve never not found a song, the “radio” feature keeps things interesting and puts lots of new (to me) music in my path.

Let’s look back on the week, and see what’s been in the mix. I’ll take a snippet from each day and comment thoughts (if any, sometimes I am pure mindlessness).


This whole week has been in radio mode, so while I didn’t select any of these songs specifically, they sure scratch an itch. I read somewhere that everyone’s favorite music is the music they listened to when they were 14-20. As opinions go, that one felt pretty accurate. I return to Bush, Radiohead, and Nirvana from that period (Nirvana has no other period, of course), for example, often. Those legacy plays probably are the reason that there’s so much music here from the 90s. Kind of a weird amount of Weezer, but it’s fine. I also love Frank Turner, and was tickled to get a song in the midst of all this. Not sure it matters, but the plays are bottom-to-top.


Tuesday was basically a continuation of whatever had been playing the previous day. This particular section contains some favorites, like Hey Jude, Zombie, and High and Dry. What a great little run of absolute bangers. My kids love Come on Eileen. Who can blame them? They don’t know what it’s actually about.


We took a sharp turn midway through Wednesday, because I switched over to rap. I love Nate Rate and have seen him live several times, and was happy to get many Nathaniel Rateliffs’/ & the Night Sweats’ songs, but after a few days of listening to this sort of canonical mix, I was ready for a change. Ball and Biscuit came on right before our company townhall, and I was super amped, because that song is possibly perfect. Then after the townhall, I switched to rap.


The vast majority of Thursday was rap. Good rap is great rap. It’s obviously fucking explicit, but that is a selling point, in my opinion (though clearly not for everyone). This was radio play still, so I heard things I’m not sure I would have come across otherwise. Since playing all the songs (so far) in The Rap Yearbook, I do get some pretty boss suggestions in my radio play, time to time. Also, I know people have Very Strong Opinions here, but early Kanye is the best Kanye.


I changed my mind again, and started listening to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack (because I have two ears and a heart), and that went into radio play, which resulted in the following mix. It’s got bouncy, Friday vibes. As the kids would say, it’s serving weekend. Can I also say that the Disney soundtracks are standalone high calibre (I can, and I have). The Frozen soundtracks (Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, scoring by Christophe Beck) and the Moana soundtrack (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina, and Opetaia Foa’i) in particular are eminently singable and fun. I also love the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and movie; it’s exactly the chaotic profusion of music and story and madness that I want and need. It goes without saying that TSwift has forever been at the top of her game.

Next week it’ll either be exactly the same, or completely different.

I do love getting to listen to music like this, but I also genuinely miss the days of buying a CD, and listening to the entire album, front to back, non-stop. Reading liner notes, dwelling. I don’t do that much anymore. I could so my mild melancholic yearning for that time is maybe a bit self-serving. Actually, I maybe couldn’t, in the way I’m thinking. I don’t have a lot of solo time, so I really couldn’t lie in my room and listen to a CD for 6 hours non-stop and think about nothing else. It would be difficult to manage, anyway.

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