We technically started our trip with an overnight in Atlanta, but we found we haven’t been counting that. Instead, we have been counting the beginning of our trip from when we touched down in San Jose.

We took a long drive up the coast on route 1, and found the twistiest road through the mountains to get there. Once to the coast, somewhere south of Half Moon Bay, and somewhere north of Pescadero, we meandered north into San Francisco.

We checked into our hotel (Zephyr), and walked around pier 39. The next day we relaxed, went to the Exploratorium, and explored more. Selected photos before.

Zephyr lobby
Flowers in the courtyard
Ping pong

Day 2:

In the foggy courtyard while waiting for brekkies.
I saw infinity!
We did this about a million times. We all liked this one best.
Fishermen’s Grotto. Fisherwomen can get bent, apparently.
I liked the post.
Top one taken the afternoon before. Bottom one in the morning.
Succulent seal.
Fog City.
Coupla twins
This mirror was mind bending.
Grant looked for fish in this thing that was not an aquarium.
Ancient courses of the Mississippi.
Bay bridge.
A display wall.
Grant loves making peace signs.
I think this is a vibe we can all strongly agree with.
This was about 10 feet tall.
This is made of toothpicks!
Lobster bisque in a sourdough bowl at fisherman’s wharf, and I took the least appetizing photo of it.
My big kids ❤️
We ended our adventures with some Ben & Jerry’s.

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