Marin Headlands/Muir Woods/Lodi

We drove out of San Francisco early and after driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, we quickly exited to get to Marin Headlands. The views were amazing! After a little running around there, we had to hustle to Muir Woods, because we had a reservation for parking. In the woods we went for a hike. Grant fell on the trail at one point and cut his palm. That really put a damper on his sails for awhile. After the majesty of the woods, we drove inland a bit to get to Lodi. We drove down Napa valley and ooohed and aahed at all the grape fields. In Lodi we went to a winery for a tasting, and planned ahead so we went to one with a playground. The kids had fun playing while Bob and I enjoyed some wine in the sun. We ate dinner at a winery in town, then headed to the hotel to sleep after a very packed day. Selected photos:

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.
The bridge from Marin Headlands.
The battery at the Headlands was otherworldly.
Climbing before the entrance to Muir Woods.
Checking their wingspan.
Important dates marked on the rings of a tree.
Bob, for scale.
Grant, going the wrong way.
Some of us had an easier time with being quiet.
Talk about your Rings in a tree.
Playing at the winery.
Relaxing at the winery.

Next up: Yosemite!

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