I walk through Jamestown Community College campus every morning on my walk to my co-working space. Often, I pass the folks doing the groundskeeping, and we always trade cheerful “good morning!”s.

This morning, they were pruning trees, and had several vehicles pulled up onto the pathways to carry off the trimmed branches.

Very carefully placed in the back of one vehicle was an upright branch, clearly positioned with intention. Nestled in the branches, surrounded by shorn twigs and obviously preserved, was a nest.

I have thought about it all day. One of the groundskeepers finding the empty nest in the pile of refuse, and deliberately saving it. Clipping surrounding branches so that it would be more easily transferrable. Taking care to preserve it in the environment it came from. Maybe taking it home to show a partner or kid. Maybe taking it to the groundskeepers break room (if there is such a thing) to show to others who might be interested.

It’s just a nest, and just a moment. But so much more.

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