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  • Smooches

  • Fall

  • Sunday snuggle

    I’m trying to get a little work done, but Stark has other ideas.

  • Knead

    Little Ned Stark needs to knead when he’s falling asleep. He also sucks on sweaters, tees, and blankets. Anything handy. I think he was taken from his family too soon (like, in season one).

  • Rainy

    Sometimes rainy days have a magical-light quality. While waiting for my brekkies this morning in the tea shop I got a little bit of that.

  • Around town: Olean in fall

    Recently, one of my friends mentioned that Olean sounded so idyllic (until she remembered the snow), and it really put me in a contented frame of mind when it comes to my town. It is almost pathologically charming, and since I live in the city itself, I get to enjoy it all pretty much constantly.…

  • A very Grant day

    Yesterday I got up with Grant around 7, and we spent the day together. The twins were there too, but they are really chill right now, and I was able to give G Unit enough attention that he was just awesome all day. First thing in the morning, we all walked to the Farmers Market.…

  • Every day is daughters’ day?

    Unless I’m very much mistaken?

  • Round and round and round and round and round and round

    I heard Grant in his room over the weekend singing to himself. He loves Wheels on the Bus, but he gets caught in an infinite loop. I tried to sneak a video of him, but he caught me. It’s long, but it pays off. The cats have learned to be particularly tolerant of his manhandling…

  • Nest

    I walk through Jamestown Community College campus every morning on my walk to my co-working space. Often, I pass the folks doing the groundskeeping, and we always trade cheerful “good morning!”s. This morning, they were pruning trees, and had several vehicles pulled up onto the pathways to carry off the trimmed branches. Very carefully placed…