Thursday photo journal

Selfies (and more!), day one.

In the Rochester airport, still not quite believing we don’t have to wrangle any kiddos.
The ceiling of Grand Central Terminal.
Being serious at the front doors of St. Pat’s.
Being pleased to be together, after all: we may not practice any religion, but we were married in a Catholic church 10 years ago!
Finally sitting down to eat at Dos Toros.
I had a veggie burrito and Corona; Bob had a plato with literally everything and a Negro Modelo. We people-watched out the front window and loved having nowhere to be. We also realized that trouser-length is every man’s personal decision, since no two people who walked by were even remotely similar.
MoMA is closed and we are DISAPPOINT.
Dancing goat outside the Central Park Zoo cheered us up!
This is a great statue.
There’s a seal showing off in the background, but mostly this is a photo of us and strangers. Won’t be the last!
The clock! I’m glad we happened to be there while it chimed the hour.
We are adults with very important things to ponder as we sit by the duck pond.
Bob saw uncharted territory in the nature reserve in the park.
We found an outcropping that was the start of a little waterfall, where the birds were having a fine time.
Look at us, immediately seeking out nature after landing in NYC.
I found my look for the Grand Meetup party!
I was really enthralled by the wings in the Victoria’s Secret museum. Bob couldn’t get over the intricacy of the costumes, including some of the beading. The work on these runway outfits is really unbelievable. It was super fun to check them out. As Bob said, I can’t resist a museum.
I feel these would just be so hard to parade around wearing, while in high heels.
We happened by Rockefeller Center.
A flag got in the way.
Having a little cuddle in our apartment.
The view from the rooftop was great, and we loved being able to just sit together and appreciate it. We talked mostly about the kids.
The necklace I’m wearing was Bob’s wedding gift to me. I wore it during our wedding, and I try to wear it on our anniversary as well. It’s my all-time favorite piece of jewelry.
We posed next to a massive heart-shaped leaf on our walk to dinner.

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