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  • Saturday photo journal

    Saturday started with a glorious lunch and very nearly ended in a riot. Lunch at Sushi Nakazawa is a different post, so I didn’t include those photos here. When we were preparing to dock, it began bucketing down and everyone was herded inside. It got sweltering hot, and everyone was annoyed. It quickly got ugly,…

  • Sushi Nakazawa

    Bob’s anniversary gift to me this year was lunch at Sushi Nakazawa. Words can’t describe the experience. The entire visit is a curated experience, each bite is perfect and perfectly contained. It’s the best meal I’ve ever had.

  • Friday photo journal

    Today was a day full of culture. I thought that I slept until noon, but it was actually 9 am. We went to the Met, then wandered the West village, then went to The Book of Mormon. Then had 0.99$ pizza slices and wandered home.

  • Resisting a pest

    I can’t fully smile because the other horse was literally eating my fucking dress! So a bunch of tourists got to see my altogether, but whatever. It was for a horse.

  • Midday Friday

    Since we went to the Met, we walked through Central Park to catch the C to our restaurant in Greenwich Village. We took a moment to sit on a bench and just enjoy being together. Important things I overheard today: a man describing the plot of Free Willie in great detail; a woman at the…

  • Thursday photo journal

    Selfies (and more!), day one.

  • 10 years!

    Ten years ago Bob and I got married. A set of twins (“we’re done having kids”) and a singleton (“we’re done having kids“) later, a lot of laughter and love and we are still thriving. We are having a long weekend to ourselves in NYC, and we have committed to taking selfies everywhere we go.…