My Thursday

I don’t intend to start a trend of posting about all my yesterdays from here on out, but I’m actually posting from my computer, instead of on my phone. Bob flew to New York yesterday (very, very early!) to take the PE exam, so I have my hands a little too full to post-in-the-moment like I usually do.

Anyway, on Thursday, after work I made the kids go outside (they had piled inside when they saw me talking to the nanny downstairs) because it was 85 degrees out and I hadn’t been outside all day. They had popsicles and bummed around the cul de sac, playing with various neighbors as they came out, while I walked Grant up and down the cul de sac to get some fresh air and stretch my legs.

Grant is such a chill baby, he keeps hats on for a long time before he decides to take it off, examine it, crush it, and throw it overboard; this thrills me. His hat collection is likely to grow. We also need to find some baby sunnies for him to wear. To my knowledge, WordPress doesn’t make baby-sized ones.


I like that in this photo his face is just like I told him some really juicy gossip.


This is how he spends most of his time now — casually hanging out eating non-edible things.

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