My Wednesday

Yesterday I had a full-heart kind of day.

After work, I played with Grant (and the big kids), and he is just so happy.

Then we headed into Durham to meet with Bob and picnic at Central Park. I got a few photos of the scenery, and asked the kids “hey, could you both stand on that path and smile, please?”


Just so you can see the level of sass I deal with, day-to-day. Here are some more of this little corner of Central Park.

As the sun started to sink, I wanted the kids to pose by a big old tree, and they wanted to make it a more exciting shot (again, sass level was off the charts), but I love how it turned out.


Much later, when all the kids were finally asleep, I settled in downstairs to have a glass of wine with Bob, and the cat joined me (per the usual). He’s pretty cute, I guess.


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