Stay at homing

I’ve only been doing this stay at home mom gig on my own since Thursday (and Bob was obviously around all weekend) but I’m prepared to call it super tough. The good part is that the twins are doing a great job at playing together for the most part as I feed Grant (and nap when he naps). The bad parts are that they make monstrous messes while unsupervised, which drives me bats while I’m so sleep deprived, and being sleep deprived. I was looking at shoes online yesterday and had to give up because I couldn’t remember my shoe size. It’s an 8 or a 9. 

I’m really pleased by the bond that Henry and Eleanor have. It’s reassuring since I’m more or less failing them right now – but ample evidence suggests that leaving your kids to get bored and make up play for themselves is super enriching, so we’ll call this a very, very, very enriching time for them. Right now, they’re playing together after Eleanor’s dance class in the studio play area for siblings. Fortunately Grant snoozed all through her class. Unfortunately, halfway here I realized I forgot her dance bag with her tap and ballet shoes in it. So we were late, which I find distressing. 

With such little sleep (last night was much better than the night before – 2 hours on Sunday night, but 5 last night which feels amazing!), I am unfortunately very short-tempered. I have low tolerance (and have since I was young) for repeating myself – and this is the age of repeating. So I find myself snapping at the big kids a lot, which they really don’t deserve. But I’m still really glad to be home with them for these 5 months, and I’m grateful that this is possible – especially since so many American women aren’t able to take any time off from work. I’m lucky to work at Automattic and have these amazing benefits. 

The next 4.5 months are going to fly by. Already I can’t believe it’s the second half of July (I wrote June the first time – that’s how much I can’t believe it).

Grant and I are getting the hang of breastfeeding. Things are falling into place a little bit. Although two mornings now, the kids have informed me that they’ve eaten all the cookies or brownies for breakfast. So that could have gone a bit smoother. 

Possibly the only way to be a great stay at homer (certainly in my case) is to have great back up. Bob comes home from work and takes over with wonderful and enviable energy. He takes the kids out of the house and wears them out. He cooks dinner. He gives the big kids baths and reads them bedtime stories. He gives them all the attention I can’t. 

I’m really interested to see what the next several months hold for us, as we keep adjusting to the newest Ring, and he to us. 

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