Ele’s trip to the salon

Earlier this week, I took Eleanor to the salon for a little one-on-one fun time, and to get her used to going. She was a little shy at first, but loved sitting in the pedicure chair and by the end of the afternoon she was running laps around the salon.

Mary painted her toe nails in alternate colors. Eleanor’s final evaluation? “Pink!”
She liked looking in the big mirror
Eleanor’s default “don’t comb my hair” pose. She also says “sorry, sorry” because she wants you to say sorry to her, and stop. It is an ineffective method.
Her little updo – she was utterly flummoxed by this photo; she did not understand it was the back of her head.
Very pleased to have a pony AND clip-clips in!
We showed her how to hold her fingers until her nails dried, and she was very good about it.
She loved the wash station. She would have played here for hours, I think.


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