We spent the Labor Day weekend in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

Besides the beach itself, we also visited the Nancy Island museum, a zoo that was closed due to a break in the night before, and the Buffalo Botanical Gardens on the ride home.

Here are my favorite photos.

5 responses to “Vacation!”

    • Us too! We missed you! The other day at drop-off, Eleanor said “Kait, Kait, Kait” all the way in. She is wearing a pony now most days, and I think she really wants to show you! We’ll have to hang out soon!


      • OH awe, what a sweetheart =) Please, please, please!! Text me and we can figure out a good time to get together! p.s. my Friday and Saturday evenings will be free due to the ice cream shop’s season ending on Sept. 29th! (date nights for you and Bob haha)


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