An absence of criticism

I’m currently reading Mike Monteiro’s book, Design is a Job. He writes, “A designer requires honest feedback and real criticism, and that’s not going to happen in a realm where colleagues or clients are worried about crushing the spirit of a magical being. The sparkly fog of affirmation gets in the way.”* It may be helpful to note that he has previously introduced the myth of the “creative type” who lives outside the rules and is temperamental.

Every time I’ve ever presented something and received no criticism back, my first feeling is abject suspicion. Buried deep in this loathsome, fetid brew is the strong notion that the viewer just did not understand. Not that the thing examined is so amazing that they simply can’t, but that they are not even capable of comprehending something pedestrian. It’s an ugly place to dwell.



2 responses to “An absence of criticism”

  1. It’s so true that as designers we often have this crisis of confidence that you describe, but hopefully it’s what makes us better and more considered 🙂 I’m thoroughly enjoying your writing! Jane x


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