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  • Tiny girl

  • Being Happy

    Are you happy? How do you know? Do you know what makes my children happy? Everything. I think about happiness a lot. Part of that is obvious: I’m a Happiness Engineer; a big part of my day revolves around generating or engineering happiness. I really love it, so I tend to dwell on my role. […]

  • Changes

    November was a crazy month for us. On November 1, the twins turned one! On November 14, we flew with the twins to California, and took them to Disneyland for the first time on November 17. Also on November 17, I quit my job and accepted an offer to go to work with the amazing […]

  • Patience as instruction

    Patience is one of those funny things that is always inversely affected by your own sense of urgency. The more urgent your task, the less patience you can generally muster. But it’s also one of those things that can be cultivated. It’s hard, which is why people say that patience is a virtue. If it’s […]

  • Passion part three

    Just today I came across this article in Fast Company by Cal Newport, excerpted from his book: The comments are especially interesting. Part of the argument is that people think Steve Jobs told students to find and follow their passion, while his own history was more complex than that. He developed passion in his […]

  • Passion part 2

    My sister and I were talking about the first Passion post (here) and she said some things that I thought were really interesting. First, you should know that she is a Major in the Army, she’s done two tours in war zones, and she is kind of* kick ass. Anyway, she’s currently doing some continuing […]

  • Passion

    My husband made  a CD for a trip we were taking recently, and I stole it and put it in my car afterwards. This is the way of my people. Anyway, I was listening to these songs, and I started to think about how, for me, musicians I like reach a sort of peak, and […]

  • 20/20

    I made myself an eye appointment the other day, so I was thinking about 20/20 vision (which mine is decidedly not.) 20/20 means that someone who has ideal vision can see something clearly at 20 feet (in this case, the eye chart). The first 20 is the ideal, and the second 20 is that person’s […]

  • Rain

    We’ve been having a strange afternoon for rain. It’s been humid and hot for the past few days, and today the towering thunderheads rolled in. For about 15 minutes late this morning there was a brief shower with enormous raindrops. They were just huge. And widely spaced. And about two hours later the rain came […]

  • Numbers you push

    I use the number pad on my keyboard to type numbers a lot of the time (when I’m not using the laptop, in which case I never enable it). I’ve also been on a lot of conference calls lately. I know – I’m extraordinarily lucky, but this is not intended to make you insanely jealous, […]