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  • Don’t tell me what I can’t do

    Edited to add: I’m not a programmer or coder. I know a little coding, but don’t think of myself as a fully-professional coder/programmer. I work with HTML (not yet HTML5), CSS and PHP daily. Take a moment to read this: The author, Jeff Atwood, makes some excellent points: determine what your problem is; solve […]

  • Why your windows fog up

    You know how when you get into the car with wet hair, after a short while your driver-side window will be fogged up, and the fog will be creeping across the windscreen and into the back window? The effect is quite dramatic if you have a lot of hair and if it is chilly out. […]

  • A goose, a fox and a bag of grain

    So this is a logic problem which you are all probably pretty well acquainted with, considering it’s been around since the dark ages. It goes like this (or some variation thereof): a farmer has a goose, a fox and a bag of grain that he has to transport across the river. The boat that he […]

  • Marginalia and Ephemera

    I just read a post on the I Love Typography site about shrinking margins. It made me think about marginalia and ephemera. Marginalia is the stuff that’s written in margins of text. Ephemera is basically the same, but it doesn’t have to be written into books – it can be notes on cocktail napkins or […]

  • Something is better than something else

    It’s pretty easy to complain. It’s easy because it’s lazy. We (you, me; people) complain because being the victim is exciting. Particularly if nothing bad actually happened. Like, we were up late last night and – oh god – we’re sooo tired today. I’m going to interrupt myself to posit an exception to this entire […]

  • Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

    Most North Americans are familiar with the warning “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” If you’ve ever wondered why objects in your car mirror are closer than they appear, or why the passenger side mirror carries this warning but not the driver’s side – wonder no more! The thrilling answer is here! I […]

  • Delightful oddity

    Part of my job is to put together a daily worldwide e-newsletter. So a few days before the start of a new month, I create a folder for that month that contains the blank word documents that will become the drafts of the newsletter. They all say the day of the week and date at […]

  • An absence of criticism

    I’m currently reading Mike Monteiro’s book, Design is a Job. He writes, “A designer requires honest feedback and real criticism, and that’s not going to happen in a realm where colleagues or clients are worried about crushing the spirit of a magical being. The sparkly fog of affirmation gets in the way.”* It may be […]

  • Just like twins!

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but the only thing that is “just like” twins is twins. The closest legitimate thing I can think of that compares is the case of one of the other mamas in my online multiples community; she adopted her daughter and shortly thereafter gave birth (within a […]

  • “Pittsburgh”

    I’m dyslexic. I had it rough before I got diagnosed as a little kid, but then I went to therapy and got a lot of tricks to help me read and write. Now I only have problems if I’m really tired. Or if I read very quickly, sometimes I can tell I’m reading the words […]