Category: Design

  • Numbers you push

    I use the number pad on my keyboard to type numbers a lot of the time (when I’m not using the laptop, in which case I never enable it). I’ve also been on a lot of conference calls lately. I know – I’m extraordinarily lucky, but this is not intended to make you insanely jealous, […]

  • Marginalia and Ephemera

    I just read a post on the I Love Typography site about shrinking margins. It made me think about marginalia and ephemera. Marginalia is the stuff that’s written in margins of text. Ephemera is basically the same, but it doesn’t have to be written into books – it can be notes on cocktail napkins or […]

  • An absence of criticism

    I’m currently reading Mike Monteiro’s book, Design is a Job. He writes, “A designer requires honest feedback and real criticism, and that’s not going to happen in a realm where colleagues or clients are worried about crushing the spirit of a magical being. The sparkly fog of affirmation gets in the way.”* It may be […]

  • The New Wizard of Oz

    I started reading The Wizard of Oz to the babies last night. The original one. Here’s the Wikipedia page on it: The book we have is one of a series, all of which my mom has. They’re all hard cover; all illustrated. All lovely. The inside page says copyright 1899, copyright 1900, copyright 1903. […]

  • Under-delivering

    I had a boss once tell me, “Never over-deliver. Why give something more than you agreed to?” I think this advice is good if your primary concern is quantity and not quality (meaning, those extra touches that make your user smile, not general quality). If, however, you want to take the time to create something […]

  • Co.Design site

    I don’t know about you, but I’m really digging the new Co.Design site. Find it here: I call it “new” but I think it’s been active for awhile now. I like the typography; I like the images; I like the big main masthead (you’ll have to go to the site to see that). Check […]