Nica’s Market

We stopped in New Haven, CT on our way home today. After strolling around the green at Yale with our iced coffees (did I mention that it was 97 degrees? Well, it was hot), we started trying to find a place for lunch. We ended up at Nica’s Market, a little gourmet market with a deli, catering, and a little outdoor eating area. I had a shockingly large sandwich called the Flag. I was mozzerella, tomato, basil, with oil on a soft roll. It was really filling! I only ate about half of it, and Bob even managed a few bites. He had an Italian sub, which he said was very decent. My Flag (named for the colors of the Italian flag? My guess) was really made by the basil and the tomatoes, which were marinated in something mild and yummy. The mozzerella was a tad salty, which was great because we had been sweating so much in the heat, but if I made this at home, I’d probably go easier on the cheese.

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