MMMM! Tuna! Ewww…mercury

My cousin reminded me to be careful of the amount of tuna I eat. I’m aware that there’s mercury in tuna, and that you’re supposed to sort of limit your intake. Great. So how much is enough and how much is too much? Well, I don’t know that kind of thing, so I did what I do in these situations, and looked it up. The excellent Natural Resources Defense Council (@NRDC on twitter) has a table for how much canned tuna is safe, per body weight. How handy! So it looks like I can have a tuna sandwich once or twice a week, and be perfectly fine. I don’t know the effects of mercury poisoning, so maybe that can be a future post.

2 responses to “MMMM! Tuna! Ewww…mercury”

    • Britt,
      I’ve read about dioxins and all of that awful stuff, so I’m sure that reading this (added to my list) will strengthen my resolve to get closer to real green living!


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