Milk conundrum

So, organic milk is a conundrum for me. It lasts, like, 10 times longer than conventional milk. It’s organic. These are huge positives. It has no chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics. The cows that give the milk are fed organically and are also not treated with all that other chemically stuff. I just read that it lasts so long because it’s treated to an ultra-high heat treatment (called UHT – ultra high temperature), and it’s treated thusly because it “often has to travel further and sit on the shelf longer” than conventional milk. That’s kind of the problem. Part of the benefit of eating locally (and organically) is that things don’t have to travel far, and our own footprint gets cut down by not buying food that travels too far. So the milk comes from farther away (still in NY State, though), but it doesn’t have hormones or chemicals or anything like that. We benefit, but is it fair in the grander scheme of things? I’m still going to buy organic milk, but it kind of bothers me.

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